48 Tenets of Officer Survival

Hours: Eight

This emotionally charged presentation offers forty-eight rules that will enhance officer survival on the street or correctional facility. Officer survival information and tactics have increased by ten-fold over the last twenty-five years – but the number of officer assaults and deaths are on the raise. Why? The problem is not tactical; it is the cultural, educational, and philosophical pacification of America. This seminar takes you beyond tactics and mindset to address:

  • Redefining “Cover”
  • Analysis of officer assaults
  • How technology is killing cops
  • Developing a winning mind set
  • Stress and survival performance
  • History of officer survival tactics
  • Modern culture and officer survival
  • Why bad things happen to good officers
  • How dogmatic thinking gets officers killed
  • Why the pacification of America is killing officers
  • Tactics for surviving armed and unarmed assaults
  • Understanding the importance of warrior values in 21st century law enforcement

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