Confrontational Simulation Instructor Course

Course Hours: Twenty-four (Three Eight Hour Days)
Enrollment Cap: Twenty-four
Applicable to: All Criminal Justice Officers: Law Enforcement, Correction/Detention, Parole and Probation

Course Synopsis:
Confrontational Simulation was the first scenario based use of force training program developed and used on a national basis. This program is featured in the nationally acclaimed book: MANAGING THE USE OF FORCE INCIDENT for Criminal Justice Officers, Supervisors, and Administrators. Included in this program is a complete law enforcement and corrections use of force training module. Participants who successfully complete the course receive an instructor manual, PowerPoint presentation, and ACCJT instructor certification. The course offers the following:

  • Principles of adult learning theory
  • Principles of use of force justification
  • Enhanced officer use of force decision-making
  • Conducting effective scenario based use of force training
  • Developing effective and safety use of force training scenarios
  • Relationship between the levels of force and the levels of suspect or inmate resistance
  • Guidelines for the integration of marking ammunition and non-deadly force options into role playing scenarios
  • Current Supreme Court and appellate court ruling that regulate the use of deadly and non-deadly force by law enforcement and corrections officers

ACCJT Criminal Justice Course Registration

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