Defensive Tactics Instructor Course

Course Hours: Forty (Four Ten Hour Days)
Enrollment Cap: Twenty-four
Applicable to: All Criminal Justice Officers

Course Synopsis:
The Defensive Tactics Instructor Course offers the full spectrum subject control and defensive tactics force options for law enforcement and corrections officers. Included in this program is a complete law enforcement and corrections use of force training module. Participants who successfully complete the course receive an instructor manual, PowerPoint presentation, and ACCJT instructor certification.

  • Use of Force
  • Pepper Spray
  • Expandable Baton
  • Adult Learning Theory
  • Counter Assault Tactics
  • Arrest and Control Tactics
  • Pain Compliance Techniques
  • Police Tactical Folding Knife
  • Weapon Retention and Disarming
  • Cooperative and High-Risk Handcuffing
  • Cursory and Intrusive Clothing Searches
  • Conducting Dynamic Assault Simulations
  • Joint Manipulation Come-alongs and Takedowns
  • Target Training and Power Development Exercises

ACCJT Criminal Justice Course Registration

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