Developing and Managing Department In-service Training

Hours: Sixteen

Seminar Synopsis:
Inservice training does not minimize department and officer liability; effective and well managed inservice training minimizes liability. This informative seminar provides training officers and training managers with a detailed understanding of inservice criminal justice training. The following are the topics covered:

  • Dynamic simulations
  • Scenario based training
  • Adult learning concepts
  • Developing safety protocols
  • Documenting inservice training
  • Developing inservice instructors
  • Inservice liability training issues
  • Training curriculum development
  • Supervisory use of force debriefing
  • Identifying inservice training needs
  • Maintaining inservice training records
  • Integrated less-than-less force training
  • Evaluating inservice training programs
  • Developing inservice training courses and programs
  • Developing performance objectives and testing instruments

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