Administrator’s Role in Managing the Use of Force incident

Hours: Eight

Seminar Synopsis:
This informative liability management seminar is based on the nationally acclaimed book: MANAGING THE USE OF FORCE INCIDENT for Criminal Justice Officers, Supervisors, and Administrators. In this seminar, the author – Howard Webb – offers insights into officer and department liability and the role of the administrator in the proper management of officer and department liability. In this dynamic presentation, the following topics will be discussed:

  • The causes of officer and department liability
  • Strategies for proactively evaluating potential liability
  • Reducing department liability through effective leadership
  • Developing defensible deadly and non-deadly use of force polices
  • The importance of post-use of force team and supervisory debriefings
  • The common administrative mistakes that create officer and department liability
  • The relationship between organizational culture and officer and department liability
  • The force options available to criminal justice officers and their impact on officer liability
  • The benefits that “managing by wandering around” has on department and officer liability
  • The importance of use of force training for investigators, first-line supervisors, mid-managers
  • How effective integrated and scenario based use of force training reduces department liability
  • The role that first-line supervision mid-management leadership plays in liability management
  • The Supreme Court and appellate court rulings governing the use of deadly and non-deadly force
  • Recommendations for properly collecting forensic evidence at the scene of a use of force incident

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