Pepper Spray Instructor Course

Hours: Eight
Enrollment Cap: Twenty-Four
Applicable to: All Criminal Justice Officers

Course Synopsis:
The Pepper Spray Instructor Course offers three training modules: Basic Non-Exposure Course, Integrated Force Option Exposure Simulation Course, and an Annual Re-certification Course. Further, this course integrates the use of Simmunition® marking ammunition into an effective officer survival exposure simulation. Participants receive a complete instructor manual, PowerPoint presentation, and instructor certification. The course offers instruction in the following topics:

  • Adult Learning Theory
  • History of OC Weapons
  • Non-exposure Training Program
  • Annual Re-certification Program
  • Selecting an OC aerosol restraint
  • Integration of Handcuffing During Pepper Spray Training
  • Minimizing the civil liability associated with the proper use of pepper spray
  • Integrated Force Option (firearm, counter-assault, and baton) Exposure Simulation

ACCJT Criminal Justice Course Registration

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