Success Without Promotion

Hours: Eight

Seminar Synopsis:
This seminar is not just a presentation; it is a discussion of the strategies criminal justice officers can adopt to find fulfillment, motivation, and success in their careers without a promotion within the department. In this dynamic presentation, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Stop fighting the system
  • Losing the “why me” mentally
  • Taking control of your destiny
  • Creating professional opportunities
  • How being a cop sets you up to fail
  • Finding fulfillment in a job well done
  • Understanding organizational cultural
  • Dealing effectively with department politics
  • Taking advantages of professional opportunities
  • Understanding why management does what they do
  • The fatal career damaging or ending mistakes/attitudes
  • Methods for effectively coping with career setbacks, disappoints, and discipline
  • Guidelines for taking personal control and responsibility for your career success

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