Tactical Folding Knife Instructor Course

Course Hours: Eight
Enrollment Cap: Twenty-four
Applicable to: All Criminal Justice Officers

Course Synopsis:
The Tactical Folding Knife (TFK) has become standard police carry. If your officers carry TFKs, then they need training to minimize officer and department liability. You don’t let your officers carry firearms without training, and you shouldn’t send your officers on patrol without TFK training. Participants receive a complete instructor manual, PowerPoint presentation, and instructor certification. The course offers instruction in the following topics:

  • Adult Learning Theory
  • Edged Weapon Defense
  • Minimizing the Criminal and Civil Liability
  • Defensive Deployment of an Edged Weapon
  • The Creation of a Proper TFK Department Policy
  • Guidelines for the Proper Carry and Concealment of a TFK
  • Standards Governing the Law Enforcement Use of Deadly Force
  • Selecting a Tactical Folding Knife as a Law Enforcement Deadly Force Option

ACCJT Criminal Justice Course Registration

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