Use of Force Instructor Course

Hours: Sixteen
Enrollment Cap: Twenty-Four
Applicable to: All Criminal Justice Officers: Law Enforcement, Correction/Detention, Parole and Probation

Course Synopsis:
The Use of Force Instructor Course provides the information, insights, and strategies necessary to reduce department and officer liability. This liability management course is based on the nationally acclaimed use of force treatise: MANAGNING THE USE OF FOR INCIDENT for Criminal Justice Officers, Supervisors, and Administrators. Participants receive a complete instructor manual, PowerPoint presentation, and instructor certification. The course offers instruction in the following topics:

  • Causation of Lawsuits
  • Explanation of Force Options
  • Use of Force and Public Relations
  • Understanding the Force Continuum
  • Principles of Use of Force Justification
  • Causes of Department and Officer Liability
  • Constructing Defensible Use of Force Policies
  • Properly Managing Juror and Witness Perceptions
  • Developing a Proactive Defensive Strategy to Lawsuits
  • Federal Court Guidelines on the Use Non-deadly Force
  • Writing an Effective and Defensible Use of Force Report
  • Guidelines for Minimizing Department and Officer Liability
  • U.S. Supreme Court Guidelines on the Proper Use of Deadly

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