Writing an Effective Use of Force Report

Hours: Eight

Seminar Synopsis:
This informative presentation offers guidelines for properly documenting the use of force incident, photographing use of force evidence, and identifying, collecting, and packaging forensic use of force evidence. In this dynamic presentation, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Strategies for minimizing liability
  • Properly collecting Taser evidence
  • Writing an effective use of force report
  • Tactics for effectively justifying force to jurors
  • Common use of force report writing mistakes
  • Techniques for managing witness perceptions
  • Properly testifying in depositions and civil trials
  • A new innovative format for use of force report writing
  • Constitutional restrictions on police and corrections use of force
  • The difference between an incident report and a use of force report
  • The importance of photographing officer and suspect/inmate injuries

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