Expert Witness Services

Litigation Consultation Service

The ACCJT Litigation Consultation Service provides technical consultation and expert witness services to attorneys, department administrators, officers, and risk managers in regard to corrections and law enforcement excessive force and misconduct litigation, criminal prosecutions, and labor relations hearings. We will provide an objective, no cost, preliminary review and evaluation of your case.

Our primary litigation consult and expert witness is Howard Webb. Mr. Webb is a nationally recognized criminal justice trainer and use of force expert. He is the author of MANAGING THE USE OF FORCE INCIDENT for Criminal Justice Officers, Supervisors, and Administrators, a comprehensive treatise on criminal justice liability management and corrections and police use of force.

Howard Webb ACCJT Executive Director Career Highlights

  • Former use of Force expert for the State of Oregon and Montana
  • Provided Use of Force training to the 2,000-officer international law enforcement security force at the 1996 Olympic Games
  • Former director of the Montana Law Enforcement Academy
  • Former chief defensive tactics, survival skills, use of force instructor for the Oregon Public Safety Academy and the Montana Law Enforcement Academy
  • Designed the first simulation training equipment (Hitman Suit) that integrated the use of marking cartridges and less-than-lethal force into scenario based use of force training for DHB Armor
  • Developed the training curriculum and the academy training program for the national Police Corps
  • Provided over 28,000 hours of instruction in the proper use of force, high-risk tactics, and operating procedures for police and corrections officers

To review Mr. Webb’s comprehensive curriculum vitae, click here.
Mr. Webb can be contacted directly at 406-459-1838 or via email:

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