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Please take a minute to review our public safety education program. As you will see, the American Council on Criminal Justice Training (ACCJT) is truly the leader in progressive public safety education and training.

After over twenty years of professional law enforcement experience, the ACCJT staff have concluded that the police alone cannot protect the citizens of our communities. By its very nature and constitutional limitations, police work is reactive. Therefore, to be truly safe in our daily lives, people must actively participate in the safeguarding of themselves and that of their families. It is for this reason that we created the ACCJT Public Safety Education Program.

We provide training that enhances the personal safety of grade school and daycare center children, high school and college students, employees of the private and public sectors, family members, and the elderly. There is no more noble or worthwhile endeavor that we can pursue.

Our Public Safety Education Instructors are full-time, former, or retired police, corrections, or parole/probation officers. Criminal Justice officers deal with crime, hostility, and violence throughout their workday. Consequently, criminal justice officers are experts on public safety issues and strategies. Our instructors bring real world application and experience to our public safety presentations and training courses.

Our public safety-training curriculums consist of the information, techniques, and strategies that are taught to criminal justice officers at their training academies. For example, the techniques and strategies that are offered in our “Effectively Dealing with Hostility and Violence in the Workplace” presentation are the very same techniques and strategies taught to officers to defuse hostility and protect themselves from violence while on patrol or providing security in the correctional facility. The techniques taught in our “Self Defense Tactics for Women” training course are the same self defense techniques that are used by criminal justice officers.

Although our PSE presentations are developed as two, four, and eight-hour training modules, we will tailor a PSE presentation or training course to meet the PSE needs and time restrictions of your business group, or organization.

We provide PSE presentations and training courses in the following topics. Click on the course title to view the course synopsis:

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