911 Crime Reporting for Citizens

Offers information regarding:

Cell Phone Reporting Strategies

  • Safely reporting crime
  • What the police dispatcher needs to know
  • Using your cell phone to record your observations

Police Procedure

  • “Reasonable Suspicion”
  • Investigative techniques
  • “Probable Cause”

Reporting Crimes in Process

  • Being a good witness
  • Reporting a violent crime
  • Recognizing criminal activity
  • Reporting a theft or shoplifting
  • Reporting a burglary in progress
  • Reporting a robbery in progress
  • Reporting a suspected DUII driver
  • Reporting suspicious people/circumstances

Reporting Cold Crimes

  • Reporting a cold robbery
  • Reporting a cold burglary
  • Preserving the crime scene

Reporting Person Crimes

  • Domestic Violence
  • Reporting sexual assault
  • Reporting suspected child abuse

Public Safety Education Course Registration

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