Child Safety and Abduction Resistance Education for Parents

Offers information regarding:

Providing Age Appropriate Safety Training

  • Safely conducting child self defense training
  • The learning capabilities of children of different ages
  • Conducting effective role-playing and practicing child safety scenarios

Stranger Offenders

  • Changing how children view dangerous strangers
  • Defining for children who is a dangerous stranger
  • Presenting self-protection information in age appropriate terms

Child Safety Rules

  • Playing outside
  • If the child gets lost
  • Being safe at home alone
  • If the child is confronted or grabbed
  • If the child is left unattended in public

 Child Personal Defense Tactics

  • The child’s voice and physical resistance as a defensive tactic
  • What the child is to do and where the child is to go if confronted or assaulted
  • Using basic striking and kicking techniques as self-defense against an abduction
  • The proper use of progressive child resistance when contacted, confronted, or attacked

Child Safety Education for Parents

  • Protecting your child on-line
  • Keeping your child safe while traveling
  • Keeping your child safe in public places
  • Keeping your child safe while Shopping
  • Keeping your child safe while “Trick or Treating”

Public Safety Education Course Registration

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