Concealed Weapon (handgun) Training for Citizens

Offers information regarding:

State Law

  • Use of deadly force in self-defense
  • Use of force in defense of property
  • Use of physical force in self-defense

Use of Force Justification

  • Levels of Menace
  • Threat Assessment
  • Citizen Force Continuum
  • Defender vs. Assailant Factors

Post Shooting Protocols

  • Request police assistance
  • Prepare for the police to arrive
  • The police field interview process

Preparation for an Armed Encounter

  • Mental Conditioning
  • “Win” attitude
  • Physical Skill
  • Awareness

Firearms Training

  • Safety protocols
  • Cartridge ballistics
  • Handgun nomenclature
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Concealed carry holster selection
  • Fundamentals of combat shooting
  • Combat, tactical, and one-hand reloading
  • Range rules and handgun qualification course


  • Tactical use of the flashlight
  • Building search tactics
  • Hallway clearance
  • Clearing stairs

Home Safety

  • Family familiarization
  • Safe storage
  • Lead hazard

Public Safety Education Course Registration

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