Dealing with Hostility and Violence in the Workplace

Offers information regarding:

Dealing Effectively with Hostility

  • The types of hostile people encountered
  • How our reactions to anger and hostility are formed
  • How perceptions influence your safety in hostile situations
  • Effects of stress on verbal communication and your ability to defuse hostility
  • Stress reduction techniques for enhancing your ability to defuse anger and hostility 

Dealing Effectively with Confrontation

  • The natural reactions to confrontation
  • Gender differences in dealing with confrontation
  • How belief systems effect how people deal with confrontation

Defusing Hostility and Preventing Workplace Violence

  • Techniques for gaining the cooperation from angry and hostile people
  • The indications of a mounting emotional or angry outburst
  • The non-verbal cues of potentially aggressive behavior
  • Tactical communication skills for defusing hostility
  • The verbal cues of potentially aggressive behavior

 Protecting Yourself Against Physical Assaults

  • Types of assaults
  • Guidelines for safely contacting hostile and angry people
  • Five steps for dealing effectively with an angry and hostile person 

Counter Measures for Workplace Homicide

  • The profile of a workplace killer
  • Safety Considerations for employers
  • Prevention strategies for workplace homicide
  • The personal protection measures for employees
  • Identifying the warning signs of potential workplace homicide

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