Personal Protection Strategies for Women

Offers information regarding:

Myths and Facts Regarding Sexual Assault

  • Sex offender/rapist profiles
  • Myths regarding sexual assaults
  • Strategies for preventing date rape

Personal Protection Strategies

  • When using public transportation
  • Going out alone at night
  • Using a parking garage
  • Being home alone
  • For the workplace
  • Staying in a hotel

Resisting an Assault

  • The types of resistance
  • Assailant target areas that maximize a defense
  • Personal weapons that can be used in self-defense
  • Environmental weapons and weapons of opportunity 

Personal Defense Devices

  • Key chains and other impact devices
  • Audio warning devices
  • Pepper Sprays
  • Stun guns
  • Firearms

 If Assaulted or Confronted

  • What to do if assaulted
  • What to expect during the criminal investigation
  • The criminal trial and the role of a Victim Advocate

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