Self Defense Tactics for Women

Offers information and techniques regarding:

Fundamentals of Self Defense

  • Body Language as a defensive tactic
  • Your voice as a method of self-defense
  • Basic kicking techniques for self-defense
  • Basic striking techniques for self-defense
  • Basic blocking techniques for self-defense

 Defense Against Grappling and Striking Attacks

  • Defending against a slap
  • Defending against a punch or kick
  • Defending against offensive touching
  • Defending against being pinned to the ground

Defense Against Chokes

  • Defeating a front throat choke
  • Defeating a rear throat choke
  • Defeating a choke while being pinned on the ground or in bed
  • Use of weapons of opportunity (combs, pens, keys) to defeat chokes

 Defense Against Body holds and Pins

  • Defeating a headlock
  • Defeating arm, wrist, and hair holds
  • Defeating bear hugs from the front and rear
  • Defeating being pinned and held on the ground

 Dynamic Assault Simulations

  • Protective instructor equipment is used for realistic training
  • Students practice the above learned techniques in simulated assaults
  • Students practice applying their acquired self defense skills in realistic assault scenarios

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