Dear Potential Sponsor:

Thank you for taking the time to review our donation and sponsorship material. As you will see, the American Council on Criminal Justice Training (ACCJT) is truly the leader in progressive public safety education and training.

It is the mission of the American Council on Criminal Justice Training to provide education and training that enhances the public’s safety. We provide training that enhances the personal safety of grade school and daycare center children, high school and college students, employees of the private and public sectors, family members, and the elderly. There is no more noble or worthwhile endeavor that we can pursue.

Unlike a for profit company, the nonprofit organization does not produce material goods to sell for the generation of profits to finance its activities. A nonprofit public safety education institution’s product is a safer child, a safer school, a safer workplace, and a safer community. How can one place a price tag on a person’s safety? One cannot. Therefore, we relay on donations from community members, business and corporation sponsorships, and foundation grants to finance our services.

For your convenience, we have provided you with downloadable information regarding our PSE program by topic.

Thank you in advance for any business, corporate, or grant donation that your organization determines is a worthwhile gift to sponsor our very important public safety education mission.

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