Online training

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Welcome to our online training program. 

This program was developed to provide criminal justice officers convenient, quality, training experiences for their professional development.  This program offers instructor development courses and informational seminars in two venues.

First, in a video platform, where you can attend the virtual instructor course or training seminar from any location and at your own pace.

Second, in a real-time platform with a live instructor – where you can have the ability to interact directly with the instructor. 

With both these training methodologies, you will receive the same quality information and learning experience as you would in traditional classroom presentations.  For the specifics regarding our online training experiences, this information can be found in the synopsis of each online instructor course or training seminar.

Proven Handgun Disarming Technique

We provide real-time trainings with Google. Click on the picture below for details.

We also provide real-time trainings with Zoom. Click on the Zoom logo for details.