Personal Safety Education

Howard Webb teaches our Personal Safety Education (PSE) webinars. He is a twenty-year law enforcement veteran and a nationally and internationally recognized law enforcement trainer. Please click here to view his complete professional profile.

The PSE curriculums consist of the information, techniques, and strategies taught to criminal justice officers and/or developed from over twenty years of actual law enforcement experience. Here are examples:

  • The techniques and strategies offered in the “Effectively Dealing with Hostility and Violence in the Workplace” webinar are the same techniques and strategies taught to officers to defuse hostility and protect themselves from violence.
  • The guidelines presented in the “Personal Protection Strategies For Women” webinar were developed from actual law enforcement sexual assault investigations.
  • The recommendations and strategies provided in the “Child Safety and Abduction Resistance Education for Parents” were developed from police investigations of tragic child abductions.
  • The same is true in developing our citizen survival skills tactics and use of force training.

The following are the PSE education modules we offer. Click on the course title to view the course synopsis:

Self-Defense Tactics for Women
911 Crime Reporting for Citizens
Pepper Spray Training for Citizens
Safety Strategies for Senior Citizens
Personal Protection Strategies for Women
Firearms Home Safety and Concealed Weapon Training
Child Safety and Abduction Resistance Education for Parents
Dealing Effectively with Hostility and Violence in the Workplace
Responding to a Mall/School Shooting for Parents and Students
Narcotics Awareness and Recognition for Citizens – PowerPoint Presentation
Citizen Use of Force and Liability Management in Self-Defense

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For our printable PSE Brochure, click here.