Thank you for your interest in our organization and the professional instruction that we offer. The ACCJT is dedicated to providing safe, effective, and meaningful criminal justice training. We are extremely proud that the ACCJT can offer the finest training available at a cost that is affordable for all officers.

We provide different training modes: open enrollment, contract, on-line, and virtual instructor courses and training seminars. Please click here for a complete explanation of the training modes.

The majority of our open enrollment instructor courses and seminars are offered through a hosting criminal justice agency. As a hosting agency, you provide a training facility and your agency receives the training at no cost. Further, instructor courses include complete instructor manuals, instructor PowerPoint presentations, resource materials, and ACCJT (renewable) instructor certifications.

Once you have reviewed our training synopsis, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our training courses or to inquire about hosting an instructor training or training seminar on your area. We look forward to hearing from you.

Criminal Justice Instructor Development Courses 

Use of Force Instructor Course
Pepper Spray Instructor Course
Survival Skills Instructor Course
Cell Extraction Instructor Course
Ground Defense Instructor Course
Defensive Tactics Instructor Course
Expandable Baton Instructor Course
Tactical Folding Knife Instructor Course
Counter Assault Tactics Instructor Course
Building Search Tactics Instructor Course
Confrontational Simulation Instructor Course
Public Safety Education Instructor Course (CARE)
Extended Range Impact Weapon Instructor Course
Weapon Disarming and Retention Instructor Course
Instructor Development for the Criminal Justice Trainer
Patrol Response to an Active Shooter Instructor Course

Criminal Justice Training Seminars

Managing the Use of Force Incident for First-Line Supervisors
Managing the Use of Force Incident for Corrections Officers
Managing the Use of Force Incident for Middle-Managers
Managing the Use of Force Incident for Administrators
Managing the Use of Force Incident for Investigators
Managing the Use of Force Incident for Officers
Becoming a Criminal Justice Expert Witness
Managing Department Inservice Training
Writing an Effective Use of Force Report
Developing a Reserve Officer Academy
Developing Scenario-Based Training
48 Tenets of Officer Survival
Success Without Promotion
Confrontational Simulation
Female Officer Survival
Defensive Tactics

You will receive email conformation of your registration, a billing invoice, and a student equipment list (if required by the training course)

For our printable Criminal Justice Training Course Synopsis, click here